Bathroom details

This space, which combines classic and modern style in the same room, features elements that furnish, support, and finish its sanitary functions, completely custom-made using a solid wood structure and phenolic-faced plywood with a black resin finish.



1st Design Award international competition “Light up your Idea” – Riva 1920 – for the construction of a dining table

A simple, everyday object, functional but at the same time elegant, harmonious, and discreet: this was what BULINO was conceived to be. No formalism but just neat geometry, clean, and instantly recognisable. The idea stems from a pure reflection of the woodwork that has distinguished master craftsmen and their work for centuries. The “oversized” legs in the shape of a chisel blade (synonymous with engraving) fit into the natural plane of a piece of solid poplar wood. The table is the result of bringing together the upstream craft elements of the production process and translating them into materials and design. With this idea, the chisel is transformed from a useful tool into an integral and fundamental part of the object. The table makes real the fusion between Man-Material-Tools.

In collaboration with architect Michela Mezzanotte.


Forms and desires

One of the areas that Arch-è Associates Practice works in is the design of interior spaces. Every job is always approached with an open attitude to translating the requests and wishes of the client, using unique solutions and ad hoc design.


The architects Malizia and Peparaio offer expert, flexible, and reliable professionalism, made up of varied and diverse experiences, which are expressed across their various spheres of work, adhering to each project with competence and passion.

Dressing spaces

Interior architecture solutions answer the needs, design and optimisation, aesthetic and functional, of every aspect of the interior spaces of any place, taking care of every detail.

Communicating, renewing

When coherent, the architectural language of a building can reflect the design choices of its interior spaces, their invention/reinvention, their stylistic point of view and the things they communicate and express.

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