Interior design with restoration and conservation for an apartment in Viale Parioli, Rome

The apartment is situated on the second floor of an Art Nouveau building in Rome’s Parioli district. The design has for the most part kept the existing layout, while at the same time enhancing the existing features and improving the usability of the spaces.

The entrance foyer has been “lightened” in colour, marble and travertine have been used in the bathrooms, creating a new way to divide the space, the existing early-20th-century parquet floors have been restored; plaster stucco and cornicing, and wooden panelling and cornicing, have been created.

The works, in addition to giving new light and life to the house, have enabled the updating of the entire utilities system, and the addition of air conditioning, security systems, and internet cabling.


Farmhouse interiors in Val di Chiana

As soon as you enter the front door, you find yourself in a large living room of about 100 sq.m. whose focal point is a central fireplace with clean, contemporary lines.

The neutral walls and red resin flooring bring out the warm and vibrant tones of the furniture and sculptures that have been placed around the edges of the living area. Each of the five bedrooms has its own bathroom and walk-in wardrobe; the master bedroom also offers a wonderful Jacuzzi tub with a distinctive square shape. The design had in mind the idea that in every room it should be possible to enjoy a different glimpse of the landscape of Val di Chiana. In each room there is a contemporary work of art that is perfectly integrated with the way the space is furnished. The corridor that connects the various rooms features full-height solid lacquered wooden doors.

Particular attention was paid to the technical utilities engineering, air-conditioning the entire property and using both integrated LED and suspension lighting and design support.

In structural collaboration with Practice Associates engineers Simona Massari and Michele Verdi

Attic renovation in Orvieto’s old town

The apartment is situated in the top floor of a building in Orvieto’s old town, from which it’s possible to access a characteristic tower with a 360° view from the Duomo to Torre del Moro.

The apartment’s layout and the way it is used has been changed by the construction of a bedroom and walk-in wardrobe entirely designed to suit the client’s needs, a guest bedroom, two bathrooms, a utility room, and an open-plan living area.

The tower has been made habitable with the insertion of all-glass fixtures, a fitted counter, and a dumbwaiter connected to the lower floors, so that it can be used as a space for entertaining.

Villa interiors in Cerveteri, Rome

The villa opens onto a spacious double-height living room where the focal point is a fireplace clad in natural stone and an imposing chimney that runs the entire height of the building.

The living area spaces are fluid and flow into one another, punctuated only by the different heights of the terracotta flooring.

The style of the finishes goes well with the feel of the furnishings; intimate spaces that still have character.

A house suitable for everyday life with a relaxed feel, but where it’s also possible to welcome friends in a refined and elegant space. 

Farmhouse interiors in Val d’Orcia

Let’s begin with an overview of the spacious living room, thoughtfully furnished in a modern and elegant style. The beige walls and mostly neutral furniture work well with the colourful elements such as the rug. Our attention is also drawn to a valuable painting from the owners’ modern art collection.

The kitchen is modern, very large, and a beautiful bright red. The space hasn’t been separated from the rest of the house, and overlooks a neutral-coloured dining room, keeping the spatial fluidity that was sought (and achieved) with careful attention paid to every small detail. All the rooms have a different character, achieved by the use of different colours and accessories in each, but all feature at least one original painting. Furthermore, each bedroom has its own bathroom, accessed via a walk-in wardrobe.

When it comes to the layout of the rooms, unlike traditional houses that have sleeping areas on the upper floors, leaving the day below, this farmhouses has its seven bedrooms scattered across various levels: four on the first floor, two on the ground floor, and one in the basement.


Interior space design aims to modify and characterise living spaces – as places used for living in the broadest sense – in relation to their assigned functions and the client’s requests.


The Arch-è Practice, which boasts architects with substantial professional experience, collaborates with other highly-qualified professionals, engineering firms and experts in the planning and design sectors, offering many solutions for the client.


The architecture associates practice is committed to the highest design standards: advance requests are interpreted and met in every way, with an open attitude, and high-quality professional assistance.


Designing interiors means creating the right environment, appropriate for the use of the space and those who live within it, share it, or even just pass through it.  It means offering creative solutions, interpreting the needs and expectations of the client.

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