Architetto Malizia


Ivano was born in Subiaco (Rome) in 1959. After graduating with a Master’s degree in Architecture from the University of Florence he went on to develop his specialist skills in restoration and conservation surveying techniques through studying the degradation of sandstone used in monuments and historic buildings.

In the early part of his professional career, Malizia dealt with graphic and interior design, working for years as the internal technical manager for several companies, providing bespoke designs for furniture and dressing for new shops and renovations of older businesses located in various old towns in Umbria.

A love for architectural composition soon led the architect back to working in building design and renovation, collaborating with multiple engineering firms engaged in delivering significant new building projects and in the preservation and structural alteration of churches and buildings affected by earthquakes. He also works as a freelancer in his own right as part of the “STUDIO FORMA”, sharing important projects with technical engineering firm “Massari Verdi”. For several years he has also been involved, with fellow architect Federico Peparaio, in delivering important architectural projects commissioned overseas.

Architetto Peparaio


Federico Peparaio was born in 1984 in Umbertide, a town situated in the province of Perugia in Umbria. He obtained a Master’s degree specialising in Architectural Design with honours in 2009 from the University of Florence, with a dissertation on eco-sustainability in construction. In 2010 he qualified as an architect and is a member of the Order of Terni Architects.

In 2008 Peparaio finished 3rd in the “Gambassi Terme” competition with an architectural project for a sports complex. He took part in Lo Spazio Casa, an interior design course focused on the design of living spaces, at Perugia’s NID (New Institute for Design) in 2013. In 2013 he also obtained his qualification as a Coordinator for the design and execution phases of works.

He has worked as an architect since 2009, dealing mainly with interior and exterior renovation and restoration projects. Since the start of his professional career he has collaborated with technical engineering firm “Massari-Verdi” and with architect Ivano Malizia’s “STUDIO FORMA”. Federico Peparaio has been enriched by these partnerships and grown professionally as an architect, developing numerous important experiences in the architectural field, and expert skills that are now made available to clients of the Arch-è Associates Practice.


The Arch-è Associates Practice cares about, dresses, creates, invents spaces, moulds them, understands their potential and enhances it, for projects with personality, charm, research, balance, harmony in all areas of work – design, renovation, interior design. Each project is unique and is treated as such, flowing from the client’s needs.

Architecture: an architectural design where every single aspect of every detail is treated with skill, from the preliminary studies to the executive design to the coordination of the delivery. The Arch-è Associates Practice maintains the highest design standards.

Interiors: the architectural practice knows how to breathe new life into a place’s interior spaces. The practice’s projects are the result of balanced research based on technology, tradition, quality, and design. Client requests are interpreted with high-quality professional assistance.

Design: each component, each element of a space is designed based on the needs expressed by the client, in an exclusive way, to the highest standards. Personalised, optimised, elegant, functional, and innovative solutions are developed.
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